Joint Mathematics Meetings - January 6 - 9, 2008 - Sunday - Wednesday - San Diego Convention Center

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Housing Information

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For new reservations, changes, or cancellations, please call all hotels directly after December 16, 2007.

Hotels in the original list may have rooms, based on space and rate availability. Please be aware that the rates may be higher than the convention rates.

Hotels in the added list should have rooms at the listed convention rates up to the listed cutoff dates. However, these rooms are based on space availability; i.e., the hotel may charge a higher rate if our block has sold out.

If you have special needs, please call us at 1-800-321-4267, Ext. 4143 or 3144 or email at so that we can assist you in finding a room that meets your needs.

If you have any problems with any hotels, please call us at 1-800-321-4267, Ext. 4143 or 3144 or email at



Participants should be aware that the AMS and MAA contract only with facilities who are working toward being in compliance with the public accommodations requirements of the ADA.


Participants should also be aware that it is general hotel practice in most cities to hold a nonguaranteed reservation until 6:00 p.m. only. When one guarantees a reservation by paying a deposit or submitting a credit card number as a guarantee in advance, however, the hotel usually will honor this reservation up until checkout time the following day. If the individual holding the reservation has not checked in by that time, the room is then released for sale, and the hotel retains the deposit or applies one nights room charge to the credit card number submitted.

If you hold a guaranteed reservation at a hotel but are informed upon arrival that there is no room for you, there are certain things you can request the hotel do. First, they should provide for a room at another hotel in town for that evening at no charge. (You already paid for the first night when you made your deposit.) They should pay for taxi fares to the other hotel that evening and back to the meetings the following morning. They should also pay for one telephone toll call so that you can let people know you are not at the hotel you expected. They should make every effort to find a room for you in their hotel the following day and, if successful, pay your taxi fares to and from the second hotel so that you can pick up your baggage and bring it to the first hotel. Not all hotels in all cities follow this practice, so your request for these services may bring mixed results or none at all.

Importance of Staying in the Official Meetings Hotels: Your patronage of the official headquarters hotels enables the JMM to secure the meeting space at a greatly reduced cost which helps to keep the cost of the meeting and your registration fees down. Also, networking events will be held at the Marriott Hotel & Marina for the convenience of our participants..


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