Joint Mathematics Meetings

Registration Fees and Categories

All fees are in US$ ONLY.

Registration Category
(see definitions below)

by Dec. 15

at Meeting

Member of AMS, ASL, CMS, MAA, SIAM $228 $300
Nonmember  $356 $462
Graduate Student Member (AMS, MAA) $50 $60
Graduate Student Nonmember $78 $88
Undergraduate Student  $50 $60
High School Student $5 $10
Unemployed $50 $60
Temporarily Employed $185 $214
Developing Countries Special Rate $50 $60
Emeritus Member of AMS or MAA $50 $60
High School Teacher $50 $60
Librarian $50 $60
Press $0 $0
Nonmathematician Guest  $15 $15
One-day Member (at meeting only) N/A $163
One-day Nonmember (at meeting only) N/A $255

AMS Short Course #1 - Random Fields and Random Geometry

Member $102 $136
Nonmember $145 $175
Student, unemployed, emeritus $50 $71

AMS Short Course #2 -Computing with Elliptic Curves Using Sage

Member $102 $136
Nonmember $145 $175
Student, unemployed, emeritus $50 $71

MAA Short Course - Discrete and Computational Geometry

Member $153 $163
Nonmember $204 $214
Student, unemployed, emeritus $77 $87

MAA Minicourses - $77 for each

MAA Minicourses are open only to persons who register for the meeting and pay the Jmeeting registration fee in addition to the appropriate minicourse fee. The MAA reserves the right to cancel any minicourse that is undersubscribed. Participants in minicourses 10 – 14 are required to bring their own laptop computer equipped with appropriate software. Instructions on how to download any data files needed for those courses will be provided by the organizers.  All minicourses will be held in the fourth floor salons in the Marriott Hotel.  The enrollment in each minicourse is limited to 50.

Minicourse #1.  Mathematics and Backgammon

Minicourse #2. A Dynamical Systems Approach to the Differential Equations Course

Minicourse #3. Problem-Based Courses for Teachers, Future Teachers, and Math Majors

Minicourse #4. Elementary Mathematics in Architecture

Minicourse #5. Dance and Mathematics

Minicourse #6. Getting Students Involved in Undergraduate Research

Minicourse #7. Study the Masters: Using Primary Historical Sources in Mathematics Teaching

Minicourse #8. Preparing to Serve as an Outside Consultant in the Mathematical Sciences

Minicourse #9. Reading Original Sources in Latin for the Historian and Mathematician

Minicourse #10. Geometry and Art: A Liberal Arts Mathematics Course

Minicourse #11. Teaching Differential Equations With Modeling

Minicourse #12. Using Randomization Methods to Build Conceptual Understanding of Statistical Inference

Minicourse #13. Interactive Applets for Calculus and Differential Equations

Minicourse #14. Teaching Introductory Statistics (for instructors new to teaching intro stats)

Grad School Fair

Graduate Program Table - $65 ( includes table/posterboard/electricity)

Employment Center

For information about the Employment Center and registration for it, go to http://www.ams.org/profession/employment-services/employment-center/ or contact the Employment Center Staff at the AMS: Steven Ferrucci or Diane Boumenot, 800-321-4267, ext. 4113, or by e-mail: emp-info@ams.org.

Registration Category Definitions

Temporarily Employed: Any person currently employed but who will become unemployed by June 1, 2012, and who is actively seeking employment.

Emeritus: Persons who qualify for emeritus membership in either the Society or the Association. The emeritus status refers to any person who has been a member of the AMS or MAA for twenty years or more and who retired because of age or long-term disability from his or her latest position.

Students: Those currently working toward a degree or diploma. Students are asked to determine whether their status can be described as graduate (working toward a degree beyond the bachelor's), undergraduate (working toward a bachelor's degree), or high school (working toward a high school diploma). The member status refers to any graduate student who is a member of the AMS or MAA. These students should check with their department administrator to check their membership status.

Unemployed: Any person currently unemployed, actively seeking employment, and not a student. It is not intended to include any person who has voluntarily resigned or retired from his or her latest position

Librarian: Any librarian who is not a professional mathematician.

Developing Countries: Any person employed in developing countries where salary levels are radically noncommensurate with those in the U.S.

Guest: Any family member or friend who is not a mathematician and who is accompanied by a participant of the meetings. These official guests will receive a badge and may attend all sessions and the exhibits.

Grad School Fair, Friday, January 6, 2012, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Here is the opportunity for undergrads to meet representatives from mathematical sciences graduate programs from universities all over the country. January is a great time for juniors to learn more, and college seniors may still be able to refine their search. This is your chance for one-stop shopping in the graduate school market. If your school has a graduate program and you are interested in participating, a table will be provided for your posters and printed materials for US$65 (registration for this event must be made by a person already registered for the JMM), and you are welcome to personally speak to interested students. Complimentary coffee will be served. Cosponsored by the AMS and MAA.