JMM 2018

AMS Workshops

NSF-EHR Grant Proposal Writing Workshop

Developing a Competitive Proposal for NSF-EHR, lead by Ron Buckmire, National Science Foundation and Lee Zia, National Science Foundation; Monday, January 8 (two days before the first day of the JMM), 3:00 pm– 6:00 pm. Workshop goals are to familiarize participants with current direction/priorities in EHR; familiarize participants with key EHR education research and development programs; consider common issues of competitive proposals; and prepare participants to write a competitive proposal. There is no registration fee for this workshop, but attendees must register separately in advance. Please contact the AMS Washington Office at 401-455-4116 or for further information.

Department Chairs Workshop

This annual one-day workshop for department chairs and leaders is held on Tuesday, 8:00 am–6:30 pm, the day before the JMM actually begins, and is lead by Malcolm Adams, University of Georgia; Krista Maxson, University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma; Irina Mitrea, Temple University and Douglas Mupasiri, University of Northern Iowa.

What makes a chair different than any other engaged faculty member in the department? This workshop will examine the chair’s role in leading a department. The day will be structured to include and encourage networking and sharing of ideas amongst participants. There will be four sessions within this workshop. Session 1, led by Krista Maxson, will discuss the view from the top: what responsibilities, duties and expectations do Deans, Provosts and other chief academic officers have for their chairs? Session 2, led by Malcolm Adams, will discuss improving students’ experience. Possible topics include curriculum and research opportunities, student recruitment and diversity, program assessment, career counseling, and also personnel issues such as faculty development and incentives, and the increasing numbers of non-tenure track faculty. Session 3, led by Irina Mitrea, will discuss outreach and communication: building effective internal partnerships. Possible topics include collaborations with other departments, working with university offices such as Honors programs, government relations offices, career and internship offices, development office, and the dean and upper administration. Session 4, led by Doug Mupasiri, will discuss outreach and communication: building effective external partnerships. Possible topics include collaborations with local businesses, local school systems, and other regional or national efforts.

There is a separate registration and fee to participate. For further information, please contact the AMS Washington Office at 401-455-4116 or