Invited Speakers

James G. Arthur
Alexander A. Beilinson
Michael V. Berry
Haim Brezis
Alain Connes
David Leigh Donoho
Charles L. Fefferman
Michael H. Freedman
Ronald L. Graham
Helmut H. W. Hofer
Richard M. Karp
Sergiu Klainerman
Maxim Kontsevich
Peter D. Lax
Simon A. Levin
László Lovász
David Mumford
Peter Sarnak
Saharon Shelah
Peter W. Shor
Yakov G. Sinai
Richard P. Stanley
Dennis P. Sullivan
Clifford Taubes
Jean E. Taylor
William P. Thurston
Karen Uhlenbeck
S. R. S. Varadhan
Edward Witten
Shing-Tung Yau

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The AMS invites you to participate!

Mathematical Challenges of the
21st Century

A landmark event featuring some of the world's top mathematicians

August 7-12, 2000
University of California Los Angeles

Mathematical Challenges of the 21st Century promises to be a meeting of historical significance. A stellar lineup of thirty speakers, including eight Fields Medalists and other eminent prizewinners, will represent the depth and range of modern mathematics and bring to life its current and future impact on the sciences and practical affairs of the world---from commerce, to communications, to medicine.

Be a part of this special World Mathematical Year 2000 event: come to meet, to learn, to exchange ideas, and to celebrate with the speakers and your colleagues.


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