Joint Mathematics Meetings heading, January 15-18-2003, Balt Conv Center
Mathematics in the Ancient World

Mathematics in the Ancient World, Monday and Tuesday, Janaury 13 and 14, organized by V. Frederick Rickey, U. S. Military Academy.

Nearly everyone who has taken an interest in the history of mathematics becomes fascinated with some facet of ancient mathematics. But only a few have the mathematical preparation, historical sensitivities, and linguistic skills to do original work. The speakers at this short course will give an expository survey of their special area of ancient mathematics. They will discuss some areas of current research, point out open questions, and provide guidelines to help you delve into the expository and research literature. Those of you who have taught history of mathematics will undoubtedly learn that some of what you read in older literature has been superseded by modern scholarship. Thus you will have much to carry back to your classroom. Speakers and their talks include Eleanor Robson, The Oriental Institute, All Souls College, Oxford University, Mesopotamian Mathematics; Will Noel, The Walters Art Museum, The Archimedes Palimpsest and Its Restoration; Reviel Netz, Department of Classics, Stanford University. Archimedes; Kim Plofker, Department of the History of Mathematics, Brown University, Mathematics in India.; Joseph W. Dauben, Herbert H Lehman College (CUNY), Mathematics in China; and Len Berggren, Simon Fraser University, Islamic Mathematics.

If you have not registered for this course and would like to, you may do so on-site. On-site registration fees are $140/member; $190/nonmember; and $60/student, unemployed, emeritus. Registration for this course will be held outside rooms 316 and 317 in the Baltimore Convention Center on Monday, January 13, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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