Joint Mathematics Meetings heading, January 15-18-2003, Balt Conv Center

How to register onsite and General Hotel Information




How to Register Onsite: If you have not registered for the meeting, you may still do so by going to the Joint Meetings Registration Desk in Baltimore which will be located in Hall A of the Baltimore Convention Center. Hours of operation will be:

Tuesday, January 14: 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday through Friday, January 15 - 17: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 18: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

There will be a special Registration Assistance Desk at the Joint Meetings to assist individuals who either do not receive this mailing or who have a problem with their registration. Please note that a $5 replacement fee will be charged for programs and badges that were mailed but not taken to Baltimore.

Participants who are not members of the AMS and register for the meetings as a nonmember will receive mailings after the meetings are over with a special membership offer.

Advance registration and on-site registration fees only partially cover the expenses of holding meetings. All mathematicians who wish to attend sessions are expected to register and should be prepared to show their badges if so requested. Badges are required to enter the exhibit area, to obtain discounts at the AMS and MAA Book Sales, and to cash a check with the Joint Meetings cashier. If a registrant should arrive too late in the day to pick up his/her badge, he/she may show the acknowledgment of advance registration received from the MMSB as proof of registration.

For each invalid check or credit card transaction that results in an insufficient payment for registration , a $5 charge will be assessed. Participants should check with their tax preparers for applicable deductions for education expenses as they pertain to these meetings.


Cancellation Policy

Those who cancel their advance registration for the meetings, MAA Minicourses, or Short Courses by January 10 (the deadline for refunds for banquet tickets is December 30) will receive a 50% refund of fees paid. No refunds will be issued after this date.

Registration Fees and Categories, Fees for Short Courses, Minicourses, and Employment Center, (click here)


Advance Registration Deadlines

There are four separate advance registration deadlines, each with its own advantages and benefits:

Employment Center October 25 Applicant and employer forms must be received by October 25 in order to be reproduced in the Winter Lists for the Employment Center.
EARLY November 1

Those who register by the early deadline of November 1 will be included in a random drawing to select winners of complimentary hotel rooms in Baltimore. Multiple occupancy is permissible. The location of rooms to be used in this lottery will be based on the number of complimentary rooms available in the various hotels. Therefore, the free room may not necessarily be in the winner's first-choice hotel. The winners will be notified by mail prior to December 25. So register early!

ORDINARY November 15 Those who register by the ordinary deadline of November 15 may elect to receive your badge and program by mail in advance of the meetings.
ORDINARY November 15 Those who register after November 1 and by the ordinary deadline of November 15 may use the housing services offered by the MMSB but are not eligible for the room lottery. Deadline was extended to December 10. People wanting to make a reservation after this date and before 12/17 should contact the mmsb. After 12/16, the mmsb can no longer take reservations. You may call the hotels directly after 12/23/02. Reservations will be based on room and rate availability only.
FINAL December 19 Those who register after November 15 and by the final deadline of December 19 must pick up their badges, programs, and any tickets for social events at the meetings. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide final advance registrants with housing after November 15. Please note that the December 19 deadline is firm; any forms received after that date will be returned and full refunds issued. Please come to the registration desk in Hall A in the Baltimore Convention Center to register on site.



The housing deadline was extended to December 10. People wishing to reserve a room after this date and before December 17 should contact the mmsb directly. After 12/16, the mmsb can no longer take reservations. You may call the hotels directly after 12/23/02. Reservations will be based on room and rate availability only. (See Hotel Page)


Participants should be aware that the AMS and MAA contract only with facilities who are working toward being in compliance with the public accommodations requirements of the ADA.

Participants requiring hotel reservations should read the instructions on the following hotel pages. Participants who did not reserve a room during advance registration and would like to obtain a room at one of the hotels listed on the following pages should call the hotels directly after December 29. However, after that date the MMSB can no longer guarantee availability of rooms or special convention rates. Participants should be aware that most hotels are starting to charge a penalty fee to guests for departure changes made after guests have checked into their rooms. Participants should inquire about this at check-in and make their final plans accordingly.

Participants should also be aware that it is general hotel practice in most cities to hold a nonguaranteed reservation until 6:00 p.m. only. When one guarantees a reservation by paying a deposit or submitting a credit card number as a guarantee in advance, however, the hotel usually will honor this reservation up until checkout time the following day. If the individual holding the reservation has not checked in by that time, the room is then released for sale, and the hotel retains the deposit or applies one night's room charge to the credit card number submitted.

If you hold a guaranteed reservation at a hotel but are informed upon arrival that there is no room for you, there are certain things you can request the hotel do. First, they should provide for a room at another hotel in town for that evening at no charge. (You already paid for the first night when you made your deposit.) They should pay for taxi fares to the other hotel that evening and back to the meetings the following morning. They should also pay for one telephone toll call so that you can let people know you are not at the hotel you expected. They should make every effort to find a room for you in their hotel the following day and, if successful, pay your taxi fares to and from the second hotel so that you can pick up your baggage and bring it to the first hotel. Not all hotels in all cities follow this practice, so your request for these services may bring mixed results or none at all.


Hotel Information

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