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December 17, 2003

The History of Mathematical Technologies: Exploring the
Material Culture of Mathematics

The History of Mathematical Technologies: Exploring the Material Culture of Mathematics, Monday and Tuesday, January 5 and 6, organized by Amy Shell-Gellasch, SIAM-Germany, and Glen Van Brummelen, Bennington College.

This short course will explore the history, development, use, and significance of various mathematical devices throughout history. Devices investigated will include sun dials, linkages, navigational and surveying devices, early computing devices, and early computers. Presenters will bring in actual historical devices when possible. The sessions will be a mix of traditional presentations, followed by a hands-on demonstration and question period. Topics will cover calculations and Mensuration devices from various eras, from ancient to modern times. Our finale will be a presentation on mathematical devices at world's fairs. Presenters include Lennart Berggren, Simon Fraser University; James Evans, University of Puget Sound,
Instruments of the ancient astronomers: Mathematics and history; Ed Sandifer, Western Connecticut State University, Fourier without the formula: How harmonic analyzers work; Daina Tainima, Cornell University, What linkages have to do with mathematics; David Weil, Computer Museum of America, Early computing devices; and Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, National Museum of American History, Mathematical instruments at the fairs.

Please note that there is a separate registration fee for this Short Course. To register in advance, please use the Advance Registration/Housing Form. Advance registration fees are $125/member; $175/nonmember; and $50/student, unemployed, emeritus. On-site registration fees are $140/member; $190/nonmember; and $60/student, unemployed, emeritus.

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