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Eight Lectures on Random Graphs

Eight lectures on random graphs, Monday and Tuesday, January 3 and 4, organized by Alan M. Frieze, Carnegie Mellon University.

The subject began properly with a sequence of seminal papers in the 1960s by Paul Erdös and Alfred Rényi. Erdös had already used randomly generated graphs as a tool for showing the existence of various structures, but these papers began the study of random graphs as objects in their own right. Since that time there has been much research establishing the likely structure of various models of random graph and finding uses for this knowledge. In this course we provide some of the basic results and tools used in the area. Presenters include Thomas A. Bohman, Carnegie Mellon University, Evolution of Gn,m; Oleg Pikhurkho, Carnegie Mellon University, Thresholds for some basic properties; Benny Sudakov, Princeton University, The probabilistic method; Andrzej Rucin´ski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Small subgraphs; Nick Wormald, University of Waterloo, Random regular graphs; Dimitris Achlioptas, Microsoft Research, Independence and chromatic number: sparse case; Michael Molloy, University of Toronto, Independence and chromatic number: dense case; and Alan M. Frieze, Carnegie Mellon University, Random graph models of the web.

Please note that there is a separate registration fee for this Short Course. To register in advance, please see Advance registration fees are $125/member; $175/nonmember; and $50/student, unemployed, emeritus. On-site registration fees are $140/member; $190/nonmember; and $60/student, unemployed, emeritus.


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