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Audio-Visual Equipment: Standard equipment in all session rooms is one overhead projector and screen. (Invited 50-minute speakers are automatically provided with two overhead projectors and a laptop projector; AMS Special Sessions are provided with the standard equipment and a laptop projector.) Blackboards are not available. Organizers of sessions that by their nature demand additional equipment (e.g., VCR and monitor or projection panel) and where the majority of speakers in the session require this equipment should contact the audio-visual coordinator for the meetings at the AMS office in Providence at 401-455-4140 or by email at to obtain the necessary approvals. Individual speakers must consult with the session organizer(s) if additional equipment or services are needed. If your session has no organizer, please contact the audio-visual coordinator directly. All requests should be received by November 4.

Equipment requests made at the meetings most likely will not be granted because of budgetary restrictions.Unfortunately no audio-visual equipment can be provided for committee meetings or other meetings or gatherings not on the scientific program.

Videotaping: The videotaping of any Joint Mathematics Meetings sponsored events, including but not limited to special sessions, contributed paper sessions, workshops, mini-courses, short- courses and colloquia, is strictly forbidden without the explicit written permission of the Director of Meetings and Conferences for the Joint Meetings.

Childcare: The American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America will again offer childcare services for the Joint Mathematics Meetings to registered participants. Read all about it here.

Email Services: Limited email access for all Joint Meeting participants will be available. The hours of operation will be published in the program.

Information Distribution: Tables are set up in the exhibit area for dissemination of general information of possible interest to the members and for the dissemination of information of a mathematical nature not promoting a product or program for sale.

If a person or group wishes to display information of a mathematical nature promoting a product or program for sale, they may do so in the exhibit area at the Joint Books, Journals, and Promotional Materials exhibit for a fee of $58 (posters are slightly higher) per item. Please contact the exhibits manager, MMSB, P.O. Box 6887, Providence, RI 02940, for further details.

The administration of these tables is in the hands of the AMS-MAA Joint Meetings Committee, as are all arrangements for Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Petition Table: At the request of the AMS Committee on Human Rights of Mathematicians, a table will be made available in the exhibit area at which petitions on behalf of named individual mathematicians suffering from human rights violations may be displayed and signed by meetings participants acting in their individual capacities. For
details contact the director of meetings in the Providence office at 401-455-4137 or by email at

Signs of moderate size may be displayed at the table but must not represent that the case of the individual in question is backed by the Committee on Human Rightsunless it has, in fact, so voted. Volunteers may be present at the table to provide information on individual cases, but notice must be sent at least seven days in advance of the meetings to the director of meetings in the Providence office. Since space is limited, it may also be necessary to limit the number of volunteers present at the table at any one time. The Committee on Human Rights may delegate a person to be present at the table at any or all times, taking precedence over other volunteers.

Any material that is not a petition (e.g., advertisements, résumés) will be removed by the staff. At the end of the exhibits on Saturday, any material on the table will be discarded, so individuals placing petitions on the table should be sure to remove them prior to the close of exhibits.

Telephone Messages: The most convenient method for leaving a message is to do so with the participant's hotel. Another method would be to leave a message at the meetings registration desk from January 12 through 15 during the hours that the desk is open. These messages will be posted on the Math Meetings Message Board; however, staff at the desk will try to locate a participant in the event of a bona fide emergency. The telephone number will be published in the program and daily newsletter.

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