Joint Mathematics Meetings

Mobile Phone Application

Navigate through the Hynes, City of Boston, and 2012 JMM Program by Mobile Phone

Participants of the 2012 JMM can now use the Hynes Convention Center’s mobile phone app, myHynes, to navigate through the center and the 2012 JMM program. myHynes includes searchable floor plans, details on the facility, and everything you need to know about getting around the city. Access the 2012 JMM website and program by going to the events listing and selecting the Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Download Instructions

  1. Go to the following link. http://blog.swiftmobile.com/myhynes/. This link will take you to the Swiftmobile website page that has the download link for the Hynes Convention Center Venue app.
  2. Click on the appropriate link for the device that you use: iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android. The Apple products will take you to iTunes and the others will take you to your respective app stores. From there you will download the application and install it (according to the device type.) You will then have the Hynes Convention Center application on your device. That application has an Events button.
  3. Click on it and the Joint Mathematics Meetings is listed among those events. By clicking on the Joint Mathematics Meetings listing, you can access the website and the program for the meeting.


This app is being offered to 2012 JMM participants free of charge and as a tool to help them find their way around the center and the city. As an added bonus, the meeting program was added to provide quick access to the program. We hope that participants will find this app useful. However, this app was developed by a third party and the Joint Mathematics Meetings is not responsible for any malfunctioning of the app on any devices nor is it responsible for any content on it about the Hynes Convention Center and the City of Boston.

Changes to the JMM program are not made in "real time" on this app. Please see the daily newsletter at the meeting for the most up-to-date changes to the program.

We also encourage you to consider using the JMM Scheduler to build your personal schedule that can be downloaded and imported into your calendar.