Joint Mathematics Meetings Invited Addresses

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Joint Mathematics Meetings
Hyatt Regency Atlanta and Marriott Atlanta Marquis, Atlanta, GA
January 4-7, 2017 (Wednesday - Saturday)
Meeting #1125

Associate secretaries:

Brian D Boe, AMS
Gerard A Venema, MAA


Links to abstracts will be available approximately one week (for sectional meetings) to four weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline.

Joint Invited Addresses

  • Ingrid Daubechies, Duke University, Mathematics for art investigation. (MAA-AMS-SIAM Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture)
  • Lisa Jeffrey, University of Toronto, Real loci in symplectic manifolds. (AWM-AMS Noether Lecture)
  • Donald Richards, Penn State University, Distance Correlation: A New Tool for Detecting Association and Measuring Correlation Between Data Sets. (AMS-MAA)
  • Alice Silverberg, University of California, Irvine, Through the Cryptographer's Looking-Glass, and what Alice found there. (AMS-MAA)

AMS Invited Addresses

  • Tobias Holck Colding, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arrival time.
  • Carlos E. Kenig, University of Chicago, Overview: The focusing energy critical wave equation. (AMS Colloquium Lectures: Lecture I)
  • Carlos E. Kenig, University of Chicago, The focusing energy critical wave equation: the radial case in 3 space dimensions. (AMS Colloquium Lectures: Lecture II)
  • Carlos E. Kenig, University of Chicago, The focusing energy critical wave equation: the non-radial case. (AMS Colloquium Lectures: Lecture III)
  • John Preskill, California Institute of Technology, Quantum computing and the entanglement frontier. (AMS Josiah Willard Gibbs Lecture)
  • Barry Simon, Caltech, Spectral Theory Sum Rules, Meromorphic Herglotz Functions and Large Deviations.
  • Gigliola Staffilani, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The many faces of dispersive and wave equations.
  • Richard Taylor, Institute for Advanced Study, Galois groups and locally symmetric spaces.
  • Anna Wienhard, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, A tale of rigidity and flexibility - discrete subgroups of higher rank Lie groups.

MAA Invited Addresses

  • Jason Cantarella, University of Georgia, Random polygons, Grassmannians, and a problem of Lewis Carroll.
  • Susan Holmes, Stanford University, Finding meaningful patterns: the decoding of the human microbiome.
  • Lillian Pierce, Duke University, From Gauss to today: class numbers and p-torsion in class groups of number fields.
  • Matthew Richey, St. Olaf College, Take what you have gathered from coincidence: understanding and using randomness. (MAA Lecture for Students)
  • Francis Edward Su, Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics For Human Flourishing. (MAA Retiring Presidential Address)
  • Laura Taalman, James Madison University, Math by design: 3D printing for the working mathematician.

Invited Addresses of Other Organizations

  • Garikai Campbell, Morehouse College, The Changing Higher Education Landscape: One Mathematician Turned Administrator's View. (NAM)
  • Clinton Conley, Carnegie Mellon University, Measurable chromatic numbers. (ASL)
  • Alfred R Dolich, Kingsborough Community College and The Graduate Center (CUNY), Expansions of Divisible Ordered Abelian Groups Without the Independence Property. (ASL)
  • Matthew Foreman, University of California, Irvine, Applications of descriptive set theory to the classification of measure preserving diffeomorphisms of the torus. (ASL)
  • Irene M. Gamba, The University of Texas at Austin, The Dynamics of Particle Systems by Boltzmann Type Models. (SIAM)
  • Wilfrid D. Gangbo, Mathematics Department, UCLA, Paths of minimal lengths on the set of exact differential $k$--forms. (NAM)
  • Rahim Moosa, University of Waterloo, An application of model theory to noncommutative algebra. (ASL)
  • Alexandra Shlapentokh, East Carolina University, On existential definability of C.E. sets over function rings of characteristic 0. (ASL)
  • Henry P. Towsner, University of Pennsylvania, Hypergraph Regularity, Ultraproducts, and a Game Semantics. (ASL)
  • Linda Brown Westrick, University of Connecticut, Computation and information in sofic shifts. (ASL)