JMM 2019 Baltimore

How To Register

The AMS and the MAA encourage all participants to register for the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM). The importance of registering for the meeting, especially before the meeting, cannot be overemphasized. Advanced registration fees are considerably lower than on-site registration fees and paying a registration fee helps to support a wide range of activities associated with planning, organizing, and executing the meetings.

All participants who wish to attend sessions are expected to register for the JMM and should be prepared to show their badges, if so requested. Badges are required to enter the Exhibits, the Employment Center, to obtain discounts at the AMS and MAA Book Sales, and to cash a check with the Joint Meetings cashier. The Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau (MMSB) is the official registration and housing bureau for the JMM and they will be processing all registrations. Please address all questions related to registration to

By registering for the JMM, each registrant acknowledges the Broadcasting, Photographing, and Videotaping Statement and the Privacy Statement.

Online Registration

Online registration is closed. You may register at the meeting.

The Joint Meetings Registration Desk will be located in the Pratt Street Lobby of the Baltimore Convention Center. It will be open on Tuesday (1/15) 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (advanced registration open until 7:30 p.m.); Wednesday (1/16) 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Thursday (1/17) and Friday (1/18) 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; and Saturday (1/18) 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Program Books

In order to keep registration fees as low as possible, save on postage, and make the JMM more environmentally friendly, program books were not distributed or mailed in advance without your request.

If you wanted to receive a program book before the meeting, you would have checked "YES" on the appropriate box on the Registration/Housing Form by November 20 and paid a nominal fee of US$10. If so, a program book was mailed to you. If you did not receive it before the meeting, please let us know when you come to the Advance Registration section of the Joint Meetings Registration Desk to pick up your other registration materials, and we will give you another copy, free of charge. Programs could only be mailed via U.S. Mail. Programs could not be mailed to Canada, Mexico, or other countries outside of the U.S.

If you wanted to receive a program book and pick it up at the meeting, you would have checked "YES" on the appropriate box on the Registration/Housing Form and paid a nominal fee of US$5. If so, you will be given a program book when you come to the Advance Registration section of the Joint Meetings Registration Desk to pick up your registration materials.

If you did not want to receive a program book, you would have checked "NO" on the appropriate box on the Registration/Housing Form. You may still purchase a program book at a Cashier Section of the Joint Meetings Registration Desk for a nominal fee of US$5.

Updates and corrections received too late to be included in the program book are posted here and in the JMM mobile app.

Badges and Tickets

As part of our efforts to keep registration fees as low as possible and save on postage, registration materials were not mailed out before the meeting. They must be picked up at the meeting. This includes badges, tickets, and promotional flyers. All registration materials will be available at the Joint Mathematics Meetings Registration Desk, which will be located in the Pratt Street Lobby of the Baltimore Convention Center. See hours of operation above.

Participant Lists and Mailing Lists

To be included on the list of participants or the mailing list that is generated for the JMM, you must opt-in by checking the appropriate boxes on the Registration/Housing Form. All who do not opt-in on a category, will not be included in that category.

The list of participants will be included on the JMM daily newsletter, which is distributed during the meeting, and on the JMM mobile app. The mailing list will be used: a) by AMS and MAA staff to send marketing and promotional information by email, and b) by exhibitors and sponsors to send marketing and promotional information by U.S. Mail. The AMS and MAA do not disseminate the email addresses of JMM participants to outside parties.

Registration Deadlines

There are three registration deadlines, each with its own benefits :

Room Lottery: Participants who register by October 30 will be included in a random drawing to select winners of complimentary hotel room nights during the meeting. Rooms with multiple occupants will be included in the drawing. The location of these rooms will be based on the number of complimentary room nights earned in the various hotels. Therefore, a free room will not necessarily be in winner’s first-choice hotel. All winners will be notified by phone and email prior to December 19.

Ordinary Registration: Participants who register by November 20 can choose to receive their materials before the meeting by mail. Badges will be distributed at the meeting only.

Final Registration: Participants who register after November 20 and by December 27 must pick up their badges, programs, and any tickets for social events at the meeting. After December 27, participants may register at the meeting, at higher fees.

Cancellation Policy

Participants who cancel their registrations for the meetings, minicourses, short course, or banquet tickets by January 8, 2019, will be eligible to receive a 50% refund of fees paid. No refunds will be issued after this date.

Beware of Room Poachers, Housing Scams, and Registration Scams

Please beware of aggressive housing bureaus that target potential attendees of a meeting. They are sometimes called "room poachers" or "room-block pirates" and these companies generally position themselves as a meeting's housing bureau, convincing attendees to unknowingly book outside the official room block. They call people who they think will more likely than not attend a meeting and lure them with room rates that are significantly less than the published group rate -- for a limited time only. And people who find this offer tempting may hand over their credit card data, believing they have scored a great rate and their housing is a done deal. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be the start of a long, costly nightmare.

These housing bureaus are not affiliated with the Joint Mathematics Meetings in any way. The only official housing bureau for this meeting is the MMSB and they would never call anyone to solicit reservations. The only way to book a room at a negotiated JMM rate is through the JMM registration form or through the MMSB. The JMM cannot be responsible for any damages incurred as a result of hotel bookings made with unofficial housing bureaus.

The JMM only sells attendee lists to JMM Exhibitors and Sponsors, and only for a one-time promotional use. Exhibitors and Sponsors are not authorized to sell JMM lists to anyone. Nor does anyone else have the authority to sell any lists generated by the JMM. Beware of any person or group approaching you about purchasing a list generated by the JMM. It would not be an authorized representative for the JMM, under any circumstance.