JMM 2023 Mobile App

The JMM 2023 Mobile App is now available for download on iOS® and AndroidTM devices.  There is no charge for this app and it is provided by the JMM Partners strictly for your convenience and to make your meeting experience as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Note that this app is available to the general public. The JMM does not use the personal data entered into the app for any purpose. Users are responsible for setting their privacy settings within the app appropriately.

Download the App

The app works on apple devices with iOS 14+ and Android devices running version 8+.

To download from your phone, go to the App Store and search for JMM 2023. Once, you find it, download it, and follow the instructions.

If you are looking at this page on your phone, you can also download the app using the following links:

  • For Android: Google Play: (phone app) Download here.
  • For IOS: Apple App (phone app): Download here

Android: Apple:

Start Using the App

A simple username (usually your email address) and password must be created to give you the functionality to access your schedule across devices. It also gives you the ability to chat with fellow participants.

Once the app has downloaded, click on Sign in. The instructions say "If you are a first-time user, please press Sign Up to create your standard App account. If you have already created your account, please enter your email address and press Sign In. If you do not wish to Sign In, press Continue as Guest."

Put the Meeting Directly into Your Hands

  • This app gives you real-time access to the scientific programs, posters, panels, AMS Short Course, AMS Employment Center, prizes, Grad School Fair, BEGIN Career Center, student interests, exhibits, career opportunities and professional development options, social events, committee schedules, floor plans, partners, sponsors, speakers, abstracts, local information, and much more.
  • You can also set up your personal profile and schedule a chat with colleagues. You can even download a picture. 
  • To access chat, you need to be logged in. Once you are logged in, click on the the List of Participants tile, then search for the person to whom you want to chat. 
  • You can create your personal schedule as you peruse the program.

Get Real-Time Updates and Changes to the Program

Changes to the online program are made within an hour of receipt. The app, in turn, updates every time you close it and open it again. You can also check for updates from the menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Look for  “Check for App Updates.” Updates are automatically made daily.


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