AMS Travel Grants

PUI Faculty Travel Grants: The AMS is excited to announce an opportunity for faculty at primarily-undergraduate institutions (PUI) to receive funding to support participation in JMM. Grant funds can be used to offset expenses for travel, registration, lodging, and meals. One advantage of this funding is that it can be used to support participation in the Short Course or the Chairs' Workshop. Applications will be accepted through October 28, 2022. Apply now.

Graduate Student Travel Grants: The AMS, with funding from a private gift, will be accepting applications for partial travel support for graduate students attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, MA, January 4-7, 2023. The awards, not to exceed US\$500, will ideally be matched by travel funds from the student's institution, but this is not a strict requirement.

Applications will be accepted September 1, 2022 through October 14, 2022 ONLY from doctoral students in mathematics who are in their last two years of study; i.e., applicants must not have received their doctoral degrees before the travel takes place but must expect to receive them within twelve months of the JMM. No student shall receive a grant more than once. Exception for JMM 2023-—those who received grant support for the virtual JMM in 2022 are eligible to apply for the JMM 2023 grant. See more details here.

Undergraduate Student Travel Grants: With support from the National Science Foundation, the AMS is offering travel support to a limited number of undergraduate students who are presenting in the following JMM sessions: Pi Mu Epsilon Undergraduate Poster Session, AMS-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-baccalaureate Programs, and Other Special or Contributed Sessions at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, MA, January 4-7, 2023.

The award amounts are anticipated to be up to \$1,080 to defray travel, housing, and subsistence. Applications are especially encouraged from students from groups that have been underrepresented in the mathematical science and from those with a need for travel support. Applications will be accepted on from September 1, 2022 through October 21, 2022. See more details here.

See more details about travel grants offered by the AMS.