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You make the Joint Mathematics Meetings the world's largest mathematics gathering. Bring your research and curiosity, and join thousands of people who share your love of mathematics.

JMM 2022 Partners

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This is your chance to get one-on-one interactions with thousands of mathematicians who are eager to learn about and purchase your products and services. Showcase your brand and loyalty by increasing visibility, building relationships, and supporting the JMM by coming a sponsor.

The JMM welcomes and invites all publishers, professional organizations, and companies that provide products and services of interest to the mathematical audience.

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Propose Your Event

The deadline to propose Special Sessions, Panels, Workshops, and other events was April 7. The deadline to propose a minicourse was May 2. Thank you to all who submitted. The organizers will respond to your proposals by May 25. For any further inquiries about programming for the JMM, please send email to meet@ams.org.

Special sessions, panels, and workshops generate exciting mathematical dialogue at JMM. A special session is a collection of talks devoted to a single area of mathematics or a single topic.

The JMM welcomes proposals from the full spectrum of interests of the mathematical community.

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See What's Coming

With thirteen partner organizations planning paper sessions, panels, workshops, student activities, and invited addresses, each day of JMM 2022 will provide an array of offerings—truly something for everyone. Check out this video where several partners discuss their plans.

No matter the stage or focus of your mathematical life, the JMM offers something for you.

Talk with peers over the latest research in your area. Interview for your next job at the Employment Center. Students, present your research and talk with Graduate Program representatives. Everyone can enjoy the exhibits and interact with colleagues who share your specific interests.