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Miscellaneous Information

Audio-Visual Equipment

AMS Special Sessions and Contributed Papers, and MAA Invited and Contributed Paper Sessions, are provided with a screen and a LCD projector for projecting presentation slides. Blackboards, white boards, and transparency projectors are not available. Session rooms do not include an Internet connection or sound connection for videos or sound clips. For presentations using MAC computers, speakers are advised to bring the proper adaptors and equipment needed. LCD projectors are equipped with adapters to accept HDMI cables (only).

Invited address talks (50-minutes long) are provided with a lectern, PC Laptop with Microsoft Office Suite including PowerPoint, wireless microphone, laser pointer, wireless slide advancer "clicker", document camera (for print materials and transparencies), and LCD projector for projecting presentation slides on large stage flanking screens. For presentations using MAC materials, speakers are advised to bring the proper adaptors and equipment needed. The Invited Address room does not include an Internet connection. Speakers that are planning to show videos should save them to their computers or USB drives prior to the meeting.

Overhead projectors are no longer provided as part of the standard audio-visual setup in any room. Any request for additional equipment should be sent to meet@ams.org and received by October 1.

E-mail Services

Limited e-mail access for all Joint Meetings participants will be available in an e-mail center located adjacent to the JMM Registration Desk, in Lobby C, on the Street level of the Colorado Convention Center. The hours of operation will be published in the program. Participants should be aware that complimentary wireless internet access will also be available in specific, designated areas of the Convention Center. These locations will be identified in the program.

Information Distribution

Tables are set up in the exhibit area for dissemination of general information of possible interest to the members and for the dissemination of information of a mathematical nature not promoting a product or program for sale. Information must be approved by the AMS Director of Meetings and Conferences prior to being placed on these tables.

If a person or group wishes to display information of a mathematical nature promoting a product or program for sale, they may do so in the exhibit area at the Joint Books, Journals, and Promotional Materials exhibit for a fee of US$53 (posters are slightly higher) per item. Please contact the exhibits coordinator at MMSB, 201 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904, or by email at cpd@ams.org for further details.

The administration of these tables is in the hands of the AMS-MAA Joint Meetings Committee, as are all arrangements for Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Local Information

For information about the city, see https://denver.org/.

Telephone Messages

It will be possible to leave a message for any registered participant at the meetings registration desk from January 15 through 18 during the hours that the desk is open. These messages will be posted on the Mathematics Meetings Message Board in the networking center; however, staff at the desk will try to locate a participant in the event of a bonafide emergency. The telephone number will be published in the program and daily newsletter.