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JMM 2020 Blog

Networking Opportunities

There are many opportunities to meet new friends and greet old acquaintances in addition to the vast array of scientific sessions offered at these meetings. Some of these are listed below.

Connect through Social Media

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Connect at the Meeting

Networking Center

There will be areas conducive to networking throughout the center and the hotels; however there will be two designated networking areas within the center. The primary one will be located in Upper Lobby D. The secondary one will be located in Mile High 4A-C.

AMS Employment Center

The AMS strongly encourages use of the Employment Center venues for all professional interviews of prospective employees at society meetings. The use of personal hotel rooms is particularly discouraged.

The MAA strongly discourages the use of personal hotel sleeping rooms as the site for professional interviews of prospective employees. This practice is intimidating for some job-seekers, particularly those who find the situation uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.

Other Events

There will be many opportunities for networking at the meeting. Some suggestions are:

Reception for First-Time Participants and Graduate Students
Joint Prize Session
Knitting Circle
Mathematical Art Exhibit

Participants are encouraged to see the full list of social events offered at this meeting. If you are new to the meeting, please see Tips for Newcomers .