JMM Partner Spotlights

2025 marks the third year of the reimagined Joint Mathematics Meetings, with more than seventeen mathematics organizations partnering to create a program that offers something for everyone. Explore the diverse organizations coming together for the largest annual mathematics gathering in the world, and learn more about their programming for JMM 2025.

American Institute of Mathematics

American Institute of Mathematics AIM’s mission is to advance mathematical knowledge through collaboration, to broaden participation in the mathematical endeavor, and to increase the awareness of the contributions of the mathematical sciences to society. An NSF-supported research institute established in 1994, AIM holds focused workshops and programs for small research groups.

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American Mathematical Society

American Mathematical SocietyFounded in 1888, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) is dedicated to advancing research and connecting the diverse global mathematical community. The AMS counts some 30,000 individual members worldwide in all professions in the mathematical sciences and all stages of their careers, plus 570 institutional members.

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American Statistical Association

American Statistical AssociationFounded in 1839, the American Statistical Association (ASA) is the world’s largest community of statisticians, with more than 19,000 members in academia, industry, and government worldwide. Its vision is a world that relies on data and statistical thinking to drive discovery and inform decisions.

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Association for Symbolic Logic

Association for Symbolic LogicAn international organization founded in 1936, the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) provides a forum for the presentation, publication, and critical discussion of scholarly work across the entire field of logical inquiry. Its members include logicians based in departments of mathematics, philosophy, and computer science.

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Association for Women in Mathematics

Association for Women in MathematicsCurrently celebrating its 50-year anniversary, the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) has played a critical role in increasing the presence and visibility of women in the mathematical sciences. The organization now counts more than 3,500 members from the U.S. and around the world.

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Centre de recherches mathématiques, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences (CRM-PIMS-AARMS)

Centre de recherches mathématiques, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical SciencesFounded in 1968, the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) is dedicated to excellence in research and training in pure and applied mathematics, and in statistics, with all their ramifications to different domains of human endeavour, including physics, health sciences, and computer science. The CRM collaborates with other institutions and organizations, notably the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), which is present at the CRM through an IRL (International Research Laboratory).

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The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) is a collaborative consortium of ten universities in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. PIMS's mandate is to promote research in the mathematical sciences and their applications, to facilitate the training of highly qualified personnel, to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive community, to enrich public awareness of and education in the mathematical sciences, and to create mathematical partnerships with similar organizations in other countries. PIMS is also a CNRS International Research Lab (IRL).

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The mission of the Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences (AARMS) is to strengthen research and education in the mathematical sciences, with special focus on Atlantic Canada. AARMS fosters scientific collaborations, both within the Atlantic mathematical community, and with colleagues across Canada and beyond. AARMS provides outstanding educational opportunities in order to build expertise and attract talent to the region. In addition, AARMS supports initiatives that raise interest and competence in mathematics among the public in general, and school children in particular. Through its activities, AARMS aims to promote scholarly excellence and to maintain a strong and vibrant mathematical research community in Atlantic Canada.

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Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications

Consortium for Mathematics and Its ApplicationsWith a focus on mathematical modeling, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) strives to improve mathematics education at all levels. COMAP offers curriculum materials and professional development for teachers, conducts research on mathematics education, and runs contests in mathematical modeling.

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International Linear Algebra Society

International Linear Algebra SocietyThe International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS) is an international organization that strives to highlight the beauty of research in linear algebra and its wide range of applications. Among its activities, ILAS publishes the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, awards internationally recognized prizes to linear algebra researchers, and organizes conferences across the world.

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Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Julia  Robinson Mathematics FestivalNamed for esteemed mathematician Julia Robinson, who made crucial contributions to solving Hilbert’s tenth problem, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF) seeks to inspire joy in mathematics through collaboration, exploration, and discovery. Since 2007, it has supported local hosts in organizing events in 26 states and 17 countries.

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Mathematical Association of America

Mathematical Association of AmericaThe Mathematical Association of America is the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts. We further the understanding of our world through mathematics because mathematics drives society and shapes our lives.

The mission of the MAA is to advance the understanding of mathematics and its impact on our world.


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MSRI / Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute

Mathematical Sciences Research InstituteThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), now becoming the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (SLMath) in 2022-23, is a landmark of US and world collaborative mathematical research. Over 1,700 mathematical scientists spend time at the institute's Berkeley, California headquarters each year. It is a place where breakthroughs are made, research areas are created, and brilliant careers are launched. MSRI/SLMath education and outreach programs and film production for public television reach millions worldwide. MSRI/SLMath has been supported since its origins by the National Science Foundation, now joined by other government agencies, private foundations, corporations, individual donors, and over 100 academic institutions.

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National Association of Mathematicians

National Association of MathematiciansSince its inception in 1969, the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) has promoted excellence in the mathematical sciences. While membership is open to everyone, NAM seeks to advance the mathematical development of all underrepresented American minorities in general and African Americans in particular.

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Pi Mu Epsilon

International Linear Algebra SocietyThe U.S. national mathematics honor society, Pi Mu Epsilon (PME) has chapters at more than 400 colleges and universities. It promotes mathematical scholarship among undergraduates by awarding grants to support enrichment activities, publishing the work of its members, and funding students’ conference travel.

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Pro Mathematica Arte

Pro Mathematica ArtePro Mathematica Arte runs the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM) and the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) programs. Through BSM, American and Canadian undergraduates study mathematics in Budapest under eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers. BSME is for undergraduates, recent graduates, and teachers interested in the learning and teaching of secondary mathematics.

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Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Society for Industrial and Applied MathematicsThe Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) advances the application of mathematics and computational science to engineering, industry, science, and society. With more than 14,000 individual members and 500 institutional members, SIAM’s community includes activity groups, student chapters, and geographic sections.

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Spectra, the Association for LGBTQ+ Mathematicians

Consortium for Mathematics and Its ApplicationsSpectra, the Association for LGBTQ+ Mathematicians, seeks to provide community and to advocate for gender and sexual minority mathematicians. For example, it has recently been pushing for more trans-inclusive naming practices in mathematics and beyond. Spectra held its first official conference in August.

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Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics

Transforming Post-Secondary Education in MathematicsTransforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics (TPSE Math) pursues mathematically rich and relevant education for all students, regardless of their field of study. It aims to enable all students to develop the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for productive engagement in society and in the workplace.

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