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Joint Meetings Returns to San Francisco, Moscone West, January 13 - 16, 2010
Registration Fees and Categories

For information about the Employment Center and registration for it, please contact the Employment Center Staff at the AMS: Steven Ferrucci or Diane Boumenot, 800-321-4267, ext. 4113, or by e-mail: emp-info@ams.org.

All fees are in US$ ONLY.

Registration Category
(see definitions below)
by Dec. 22
at Meeting
Member of AMS, ASL, CMS, MAA, SIAM $220 $288
Nonmember  $342 $444
Graduate Student  $45 $55
Undergraduate Student  $35 $45
High School Student $5 $10
Unemployed $45 $55
Temporarily Employed $177 $206
Developing Countries Special Rate $45 $55
Emeritus Member of AMS or MAA $45 $55
High School Teacher $45 $55
Librarian $45 $55
Nonmathematician Guest  $15 $15
One-day Member (at meeting only) N/A $157

One-day Nonmember (at meeting only)

N/A $245
AMS Short Course - Markov Chains and Mixing Times
Member $98 $132
Nonmember $135 $165
Student, unemployed, emeritus $46 $67
MAA Short Course -Exploring the Great Books of Mathematics
Member $150 $160
Nonmember $200 $210
Student, unemployed, emeritus $75 $85
MAA Minicourses - $75 for each

Minicourse #1. Re-modeling data analysis.

Minicourse #2. Using GeoGebra to create activities and applets for visualization and exploration.

Minicourse #3. Educating about sustainability while enhancing calculus.

Minicourse #4. Using video-case studies in teaching a proof-based gateway course to the mathematics major.

Minicourse #5. Active learning approaches for the foundational mathematics for elementary teachers courses.

Minicourse #6. Developing departmental self-studies.

Minicourse #7. Teaching with clickers in the classroom.

Minicourse #8. The Fibonacci and Catalan numbers.

Minicourse #9. Getting students involved in undergraduate research.

Minicourse #10. The hitchhiker’s guide to mathematics.

Minicourse #11. The mathematics of Islam and its use in the teaching of mathematics.

Minicourse #12. Learning discrete mathematics via historical projects.

Minicourse #13. Taking symbols seriously: Teaching form and function in College Algebra.

Grad School Fair
Graduate Program Table - $50
Registration Category Definitions

Temporarily Employed: Any person currently employed but who will become unemployed by June 1, 2010, and who is actively seeking employment.

Emeritus: Persons who qualify for emeritus membership in either the Society or the Association. The emeritus status refers to any person who has been a member of the AMS or MAA for twenty years or more and who retired because of age or long-term disability from his or her latest position.

Graduate Student: Those currently working toward a degree or diploma. Students are asked to determine whether their status can be described as graduate (working toward a degree beyond the bachelor's), undergraduate (working toward a bachelor's degree), or high school (working toward a high school diploma)

Unemployed: Any person currently unemployed, actively seeking employment, and not a student. It is not intended to include any person who has voluntarily resigned or retired from his or her latest position

Librarian: Any librarian who is not a professional mathematician.

Developing Countries: Any person employed in developing countries where salary levels are radically noncommensurate with those in the U.S.

Guest: Any family member or friend who is not a mathematician and who is accompanied by a participant of the meetings. These official guests will receive a badge and may attend all sessions and the exhibits.

Grad School Fair, Friday, January 15, 2010, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Here is the opportunity for undergrads to meet representatives from mathematical sciences graduate programs from universities all over the country. January is a great time for juniors to learn more, and college seniors may still be able to refine their search. This is your chance for one-stop shopping in the graduate school market. If your school has a graduate program and you are interested in participating, a table will be provided for your posters and printed materials for US$50 (registration for this event must be made by a person already registered for the JMM), and you are welcome to personally speak to interested students. Complimentary coffee will be served. Cosponsored by the AMS and MAA.

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