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Joint Meetings Returns to San Francisco, Moscone West, January 13 - 16, 2010
Networking Opportunities

There are many opportunities to meet new friends and greet old acquaintances in addition to the vast array of scientific sessions offered at these meetings. Some of these are listed below.

CONNECT BEFORE THE MEETING! Looking for a spot to connect with friends and colleagues to plan your time at the Joint Mathematics Meetings?

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BLOG AT THE MEETING (starting on 1/13/10)! - Visit the JMM 2010 Blog at http://www.ams.org/blog/jmm2010/
Adriana Salerno is writing about her impressions of the JMM. Last year she was interviewing at the Employment Center, and she is now an Assistant Professor at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, so will have a whole new perspective. Feel free to submit comments of your own!

  • Employment Center

    The MAA strongly discourages the use of personal hotel sleeping rooms as the site for professional interviews of prospective employees. This practice is intimidating for some job-seekers, particularly those who find the situation uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.

    The AMS strongly encourages use of the Employment Center venues for all professional interviews of prospective employees at society meetings. The use of personal hotel rooms is particularly discouraged.
  • Networking Center - On site a Networking Center featuring casual seating and lists of registered participants sorted by school and math subject classification will be available for your perusal. This is a great place to relax between sessions and forge new friendships.

In addition, several other banquets and receptions will be held. Participants are encouraged to see the full list of social events offered at this meeting. If you are new to the meeting, please see the page on How To Get the Most out of the Meeting.

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