JMM 2021

MAA Workshops

MAA Workshop: Increasing engagement in and support for equity work, organized by Mary E. Pilgrim, San Diego State University, Brigitte Lahme, Sonoma State University, and Gulden Karakok, University of Northern Colorado; Thursday, 9:00-10:20 a.m. In light of research-based developments on equitable and inclusive teaching practices, the Committee on Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics believes that it is timely to offer a hands-on workshop that focuses on how to increase incorporation of such pedagogies and curriculum at a departmental and program level and handle potential issues that may arise. Our training as mathematicians and scientists does not typically prepare us for the use of equitable and inclusive teaching practices. Thus, enacting and sustaining such meaningful classroom changes is challenging and usually requires consideration of departmental context and culture. Shifts in pedagogy and curriculum can often be met with skepticism and resistance from various stakeholders (e.g., students, colleagues, administrators, etc.). Further, conversations about social justice issues can be difficult and many faculty may not feel equipped to appropriately shift their practices. The aim of this workshop will be to discuss (a) what it means for pedagogy and curriculum to be equitable and inclusive and (b) how to understand the impacts of shifting courses to include culturally responsive pedagogy and social justice. This session is sponsored by MAA CTUM.