JMM 2019 Baltimore


Events will take place on Saturday, January 19 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm in a variety of locations in the Baltimore Convention Center.

Some special presentations slated to be included in this program are the Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship, demonstrations of both Math Circles and Math Wrangles provided by the MAA SIGMAA on Math Circles for Students and Teachers, an Interactive Lecture for Teachers and Students presented by Ben Orlin, Math and Bad Drawings, the 2019 Mathematical Art Exhibition, a Showtime! presentation by the JPBM Communications Award recipient, and much more, concluding with the MAA-AMS-SIAM Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture, Big Data, Inequality, and Democracy, by Cathy O’Neil, CEO of ORCAA. All events on the Mathemati-Con program are open to the public.

The Mathematical Art Exhibition is organized by Robert Fathauer, Tessellations Company, and Nathan Selikoff, Digital Awakening Studios; and supported by the Special Interest Group of the MAA for Mathematics and the Arts, and the Bridges Organization. A popular feature at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, this exhibition provides a break in your day. On display are works in various media by artists who are inspired by mathematics and by mathematicians who use visual art to express their love of mathematics. Topology, fractals, polyhedra, and tiling are some of the ideas at play here. Do not miss this unique opportunity for a different perspective on mathematics. The exhibition will be located inside the Joint Mathematics Exhibits and open during the exhibit hours, including from 9:00 am to noon on Saturday, January 19. For questions about the Mathematical Art Exhibition, please contact Robert Fathauer at

Interactive Lecture for Students and Teachers, Saturday, 10:00–10:50 am, Ben Orlin, Math with Bad Drawings, Tic-Tac-Toe (or, What is Mathematics?)

Interview with 2019 JPBM Communications Award winner, Saturday, 11:00 am - 11:50 am; 2019 JPBM Communications Award winner Margot Lee Shetterly, author of Hidden Figures, will receive her award and be interviewed by Talithia Williams, Harvey Mudd College. Following the interview, starting at noon, Shetterly will be available for a meet-and-greet and autograph signing. 

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship, organized by Michael A. Breen, American Mathematical Society, and William T. Butterworth, DePaul University; Saturday, 1:00 pm-2:45 pm. Show your support for top high school students from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. in this international "Who Wants to Be a Mathematician" as they compete for a US\$5,000 first prize for themselves and US\$5,000 for their school’s math department. Semifinals are at 1:00 pm and finals are at 2:00 pm. Come match wits with the contestants, support their mathematical achievement, and have tremendous fun at the same time.

Math Circle Demonstration, organized by Lance Bryant, Shippensburg University, and Sarah Bryant, Dickinson College; Saturday, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm. A math circle is an enrichment experience that brings mathematics professionals in direct contact with pre-college students and/or their teachers. Circles foster passion and excitement for deep mathematics. This demonstration session offers the opportunity for conference attendees to observe and then discuss a math circle experience designed for local students. While students are engaged in a mathematical investigation, mathematicians will have a discussion focused on appreciating and better understanding the organic and creative process of learning that circles offer, and on the logistics and dynamics of running an effective circle. The sponsor for this demonstration is SIGMAA MCST.

Math Wrangle, organized by Ed Keppelmann, University of Nevada Reno, and Phil Yasskin, Texas A&M University, 10:30 am-noon. The Math Wrangle will pit teams of students against each other, the clock, and a slate of great math problems. The format of a Math Wrangle is designed to engage students in mathematical problem solving, promote effective teamwork, provide a venue for oral presentations, and develop critical listening skills. A Math Wrangle incorporates elements of team sports and debate, with a dose of strategy tossed in for good measure. The intention of the Math Wrangle demonstration at the Joint Math Meetings is to show how teachers, schools, circles, and clubs can get students started in this exciting combination of mathematical problem solving with careful argumentation via public speaking, strategy and rebuttal. Sponsors for this event are SIGMAA for Math Circles for Students and Teachers (SIGMAA-MCST).

Cathy O’Neil, CEO of ORCAA, Big data, inequality, and democracy, (MAA-AMS-SIAM Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture); Saturday, 3:00 pm.