JMM 2018

AMS Workshops

NSF-EHR Grant Proposal Writing Workshop

Developing a Competitive Proposal for NSF-EHR, lead by Ron Buckmire, National Science Foundation and Lee Zia, National Science Foundation; Monday, January 8 (two days before the first day of the JMM), 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Workshop goals are to familiarize participants with current direction/priorities in EHR; familiarize participants with key EHR education research and development programs; consider common issues of competitive proposals; and prepare participants to write a competitive proposal. There is no registration fee for this workshop, but attendees must register separately in advance. Please contact the AMS Washington Office at 401-455-4116 or for further information.

Department Chairs Workshop

This annual one-day workshop for chairs and leaders of departments of mathematical sciences is held Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 8:00 am – 6:30 pm, the day before the JMM actually begins and is led by Malcolm Adams, University of Georgia; Krista Maxson, University for Science and the Arts of Oklahoma; Irina Mitrea, Temple University; and Douglas Mupasiri, University of Northern Iowa.

What makes an effective chair? Being a chair means interacting with many audiences. Attention must be paid to a wide range of topics, from the details of course content, to faculty development, to building partnerships across campus and with stakeholders outside of the academy.

The workshop will consist of four sessions, starting from an introspective activity examining the calculus sequence and then moving on to other parts of the curriculum for our majors, aiming to construct programs relevant in today's world; this session will be led by Malcolm Adams. During the second session, Irina Mitrea will focus on building important internal bridges with other departments, alumni, the Honors program, government relations office, career and internship offices, development office, and the dean and upper administration. Next, enlarging our field of vision further, Doug Mupasiri will discuss building effective external partnerships with local businesses, local school systems, and other regional or national efforts.  During the fourth and final session, Krista Maxson will share ideas from the administrator's point of view as to what is expected of a chair, and what makes a successful chair, negotiating skillfully between faculty and administration by advocating for their departments while being exposed to the bigger picture of the college and university.

There is a registration fee for the workshop of US\$150, which includes lunch and a post-workshop reception.  If you would like to attend the department chairs workshop, please register online at  by December 20, 2017.  Direct any questions to the AMS Washington Office at 202-588-1100 or